Rani Padmini Story - Real Story of Rani Padmavati (History of Chittorgarh)

Rani Padmini Real Story: Rani Padmini, also known as Padmavati, is believed to be a 13th century Indian queen and is the subject of filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali's upcoming film starring Deepika Padukone, Shahid Kapoor and Ranveer Singh.

Rani Padmini Story

Padmini, also known as Padmavati, was a legendary 13th-14th century Indian queen (Rani). The earliest source to mention her is Padmavat, an epic poem written by Malik Muhammad Jayasi in 1540 CE. The text, which features elements of fantasy, describes her story as follows: Padmavati was an exceptionally beautiful princess of the Singhal kingdom (Sri Lanka). Ratan Sen, the Rajput ruler of Chittor, heard about her beauty from a talking parrot named Hira-man. After an adventurous quest, he married her and brought her to Chittor. Alauddin Khalji, the Sultan of Delhi also heard about her beauty, and attacked Chittor to obtain her. Meanwhile, Ratan Sen was killed in a combat with Devpal, the king of Kumbhalner who was also enamoured with Padmavati's beauty. Before Alauddin Khilji could capture Chittor, Padmavati and her companions committed Jauhar (self-immolation) to protect their honour. [Wikipedia]

History of Chittorgarh with Real Story of Rani Padmini

Chittorgarh fort, today, stands as an epitome of the true Rajputana spirit, loyalty, devotion, bravery and a symbol of women power. The palace yell of the agonizing tale of its heroic Queen Padmavati (or fondly called Padmini.)

  • Padmavati was the daughter of Gandharv Sen, the king of the Singhal kingdom. 
  • She became close friends with a talking parrot named Hira-man. 
  • The parrot greatly praised Padmavati's beauty in front of Ratan Sen(King of Chittor), who became determined to marry Padmavati. 
  • Guided by the parrot and accompanied by his 16,000 followers, Ratan Sen reached Singhal after crossing the seven seas. 
  • There he defeated many princess and kings who also sought Padmavati hands on several competitions and won the hand of Padmavati.

Raghav Chaitanya served in Rana Ratan’s Singh’s court as Raj Purohit. But he was a mage in real who had a great hold on black magic. After Ratan Singh came to know about his reality, he banished Raghav after insulting him.To avenge his insult, Raghav reached Delhi and told Alauddin Khilji about the beauty of Rani Padmini and he, thought of attacking Chittor. Alauddin decided to obtain Padmavati, and besieged Chittor. Ratan Sen agreed to offer him tribute, but refused to give away Padmavati.

Allaudin captured Ratan Singh and sent a message to Padmini that the king would be released if she agrees to go along with him.Rani Padmini sent 700 troops to rescue Rana Ratan Singh and the troops were successful in rescuing the king but Khilji followed the troops and the king.

Meanwhile, Devpal, the Rajput king of Chittor's neighbour Kumbhalmer, had also become infatuated with Padmavati. While Ratan Sen was imprisoned in Delhi, he proposed marriage to Padmavati through an emissary. When Ratan Sen returned to Chittor, he decided to punish Devpal for this insult. In the ensuing single combat, Devpal and Ratan Sen killed each other.

Meanwhile, Alauddin invaded Chittor once again, to obtain Padmavati. Facing a certain defeat against Alauddin, Rani Padmini performed 'Jauhar' or self-immolation and sacrificed her life along with her woman companions.

In Current Flame

Several films based on the legend of Padmini have been made in India. These include Debaki Bose's silent film Kamonar Agun or Flames of Flesh (1930), and the Hindi language Maharani Padmini (1964).
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  • In 1963, for the first time, this story was made into film in Tamil as Chittoor Rani Padmini written by C. V. Sridhar and directed by Chitrapu Narayana Rao starring Sivaji Ganesan and Vyjayanthimala in lead roles.
  • In 2017, film director Sanjay Leela Bhansali decided to make Hindi-language film Padmavati where Deepika Padukone played the character. 
  • There were rumours of a few love scenes between Alauddin and Padmini in this film, which led to protests from a Rajput caste organization called Shri Rajput Karni Sena, whose members accused Bhansali of distorting history. 
  • A small mob of protestors attacked Bhansali, the staff and vandalised the film set.


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